Hardware requirements

Github links



Instructions to load the firmware

A step-by-step guide to getting started with BotBlox Manager CLI

  1. Clone and get set on https://github.com/botblox/botblox-manager-firmware with a local repo.
  2. Connect the Segger J-link programmer to your computer USB port.
  3. Connect the J-link 6 pin needle adapter to the SwitchBlox programming header (see page 12 of the datasheet). This connects the J-link to the SWD port of the onboard STM32.
  4. Follow instructions for running firmware on SwitchBlox.

Instructions to configure the SwitchBlox

  1. With the onboard STM32 running the firmware, you can now communicate with it over UART.
  2. You will need to connect your UART to USB converter to the UART RX and TX pins on SwitchBlox (see page 11 of the datasheet).
  3. Follow the instructions for running the botblox CLI.