Get help command

Please run all CLI commands inside a shell running in the container, preferably inside a Python virtual environment. Please refer to for instructions on how to do this.

For help with the CLI, type

botblox --help

Debugging and Programming:

A word on debugging

This project is currently in its alpha stage so we expect in the short-medium term that early users of the software could have issues with the toolchain. This is expected and to some extent desired as we want to build this project with client feedback built into the early stages. Hopefully, our documentation helps with ideas that you can try to debug. If you encounter an issue with the use of the software, we would love for you to post on the GitHub repos with an issue that you would like fixed. Please describe the issue you were facing, trying to replicate all steps in the process. Furthermore, it would help if you mention your current OS as well. With that said there are a few things that you can try.

Port-Based VLAN:

Establish VLAN based on the ports connected. You define which ports are part of which group. The factory default is that all ports are part of the same VLAN.

botblox vlan

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Port Mirroring