Full datasheet

1 Introduction

SwitchBlox Industrial is an upgrade to our SwitchBlox board that provides the same functionality with a wider qualified temperature range, a smaller form factor and basic switch management features.

SwitchBlox Industrial can be used as a drop in replacement for SwitchBlox for applications that run at wider temperatures. In many cases it is also a smaller alternative to SwitchBlox Rugged (when the upper 105°C limit is not required).

We developed SwitchBlox Industrial for three main reasons. Firstly we wanted to upgrade our initial SwitchBlox design to improve upon size, performance and temperature range. We also wanted to help mitigate some of the stock issues on our rugged boards by providing a "middle-ground" alternative between the standard and rugged series. Finally we wanted to offer switch management.

2 Serial port

The serial port on SwitchBlox can be found on the expansion header on SwitchBlox Industrial.


There are three pins needed to make a serial connection with an external device

No pullups are required on TX or RX, and they can be directly connected to any other 3.3V level serial device. The clock frequency is of the serial port is low speed at less than 10KHz, hence jumper cables can be used for this connection.

3 Management capabilities of SwitchBlox Industrial

The management capabilities of SwitchBlox Industrial are detailed below. These capabilities can be configured on startup by an external, or set as a non-volatile configuration that is retained between power cycles.